Measuring your ring size

If you want to buy a ring online, you'll need to know your ring size. One way to get an accurate size is to visit a jewellery store where you can measure your finger on a ring sizer, however, there is a way to do it with just a ruler, a pencil and a strip of paper.

In the UK, sizes are measured A-Z with half measures also available. As all of my pieces are completely handmade to order, I can accomodate to all. So if your fingers are a bit freaky (no offence intended), you're in good hands (pun intended).

Option 1: If you already own a ring which fits really well you can save a bit of hassle by measuring the inside diameter of your ring with a ruler and then consulting the "diameter" column in the chart below. **However** this is not as accurate as option 2, and precision is key with ring measuring. The difference of a millimeter can be the difference between thumb and pinky.

Option 2: Very simple. Take a thin strip of paper. Wrap it round your desired finger. Mark where the end meets the paper. Measure with a ruler. Consult "circumference" column in chart below.

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