"Ancient civilisations conceived of geometry as a way of making sense of the world. Geometry has been used to understand the formation of shells and to plot the path of distant stars. To me, there is a beauty in the human plight for knowledge and understanding, and the fact that while we try and make sense of our world, we are ultimately limited. There is still so much we're left to wonder." 


- Victoria Lloyd


Trynka began in June 2013, when designer / maker Victoria Lloyd decided to pursue her passion for creating beautiful, timeless silver jewellery. Trynka is her mother's maiden name, and no, it isn't her bank password.


Based in Valencia, Spain, Victoria handmakes her designs, using techniques which have remained largely unchanged for millenia (and occassionally a power drill).


All pieces are made from sterling or fine silver, and are available  in a yellow or rose gold finish. Bespoke pieces in other materials are available on request. 




If you would like to know more, please use the contact form

on this website or email info@trynka.co.uk.